Our vision

Madagascar needs new landmarks and should set a good example for the African continent and to all the other continents.To this end,Bakoly Green City was born:
the first zero waste city in Africa. "Blue" was changed into "Bakoly" to avoid confusion with another organization slightly similar to ours."Bakoly" is a type of clay which is a raw material for making cups and plates, and is also a Malagasy female name.
BGC will be powered by renewable energy only and it refuses to be polluted by any type of CO2 emissions especially car and trucks. However, bicycles and electric vehicles are welcome inside the City.

Green and Safe City

The first Bakoly Green City Madagascar will be completed in June 2022 and will have a total area of about 20 hectares. It will accommodate about 10,000 people and will welcome about 1 million tourists per year. Every resident at BGC will get free running water, free electricity and free security for 20 years. Bakoly Green City will be protected by 500 Special Security Guards 24 hours a day, therefore each resident can live and work safely at any time and everywhere inside the City.

High Innovation City

Bakoly Green City will be the first city in the world to have 8-star hotels and 8-star restaurants, an annual audit will be conducted to make sure that each hotel deserves the 8-star rating.The 8-star criteria will be updated annually and will require additional efforts from candidates. About 75% of products at Bakoly Green City are made locally and each imported product is carefully inspected 3 times by 3 different organizations before receiving approval for selling. Bakoly Green City will never allow fake brands to enter any of its market.


BGC Academy

Every idea, system, innovation and product created by any BGC resident will be protected against imitation. This protection of intellectual property will always be free of charge to all residents. Furthermore, BGC Academy will issue patents to inventions by BGC residents. Each issued patents will be valid in all of the 22 BGCs of Madagascar and they will be issued at no cost to all inventors. Each patent will be valid for two years to encourage all  residents to create more products and services more often. Thank to BGC Academy, there will never be pirated CDs, DVDs or softwares in BGC markets.

Great news for vegans around the world: Bakoly Green City will be the first vegan city on the planet. BGC is not just vegan-friendly, it is fully vegan: no meat, eggs,  dairy, honey or leather from animals will ever be sold inside the city.

Keep visiting our website for more information about BGC, there will be updates regularly.

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