About us

We are an international company headquartered in Antananarivo,Madagascar. We started our business in June 2009 with translation of a few languages and provided a handful of language courses.

Now, we have partners in 150 countries to serve you and your businesses.To help us move forward ,we are willing to collaborate with people from more than 200 countries.
Therefore,if you believe that you are able to change the world and would like to join our team, please send your application and CV to haingo@rajaonarison.com.

We are also looking for 180 highly ambitious engineers with 10 years of experience to design new electric motorcycles, electric cars, solar boats and solar aircrafts.Therefore, if you want to contribute to the protection of the environment , join us by sending your cover letter , a CV and 3 letters of recommendation to haingo@rajaonarison.com by February 28th, 2018.

Our IT department needs 70 software developers and 20 network administrators with a minimum of 10 years of experience to support us in our new projects.
Please send your applications to hery@rajaonarison.com before February 28th , 2018 , if you feel that you meet our requirements.

Rajaonarison Times , which is a member of Rajaonarison Group is looking for journalists, editors, caricaturists and professional photographers to strengthen its team. Please send your CV and cover letter to haingo@rajaonarison.com before February 28th, 2018.

Who do we serve?

We provide translation and interpreting services to organizations in more than 200 countries. Some of our team members can organize interpreting booths and sound system for international conferences and workshops. Additionally, we offer 150 language courses to individuals and groups of people around the world.

our team

Telina T.Rajaonarison

IT Officer

Telina Rajaonarison has been a computer science teacher and graphic designer at R.I since 2010. Telina is also a web designer. He  worked in  Addis Ababa , Ethiopia at the African Union as graphic designer.

Haingo H.Rajaonarison

General Manager

Haingo Rajaonarison founded Rajaonarison International in 2009. He has written and published a book entitled Everybody is a Manager, a Leader and a Billionaire in 2014. Haingo worked in South Africa and Botswana for 2 years.

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